CSR Racing 2 – a game of plethora of stunning cars


If you are a lover of race game or cars then definitely the game of CSR Racing is meant for you. Here you have wide range of cars to be chosen and played. The biggest feature of CSR Racing 2 is the beautifully detailed racing cars. Each car of CSR Racing is officially licensed. So, the cars are manufactured as if they are from real world. You are gifted 130 gold pieces to buy the first car. You can choose one of seven Tier 1 cars such as Cooper S, Hundai Veloster, Golf GTI, Scion FR-S, Dodge Dart Mopar ’13, Ford Fiesta ST, and many more.

After choosing first car, you can send or deliver it to your garage which is awesome part. You should spend some time to look at your car. You can also use CSR Racing 2 Cheats to unlock many function and parts of the cars.

How to have first race

Firstly, you fly down a street at speed of above 100 MPH, pitted against a single opponent only. Usually races are less as well as it takes about 15 seconds if your run the car slow.

Racing of CSR Racing 2 game

There are other things of the game as well to be looked before playing the game or starting a race such as Solo racing and online racing.

Gassing your car up

Your gameplay provides limited amount of gas. Your 10-pip tanks may last for 20 minutes only. You may earn pip refills by watching ads or inviting your friends on social networking sites such as Facebook to play. You can also refill your car tank for 20 gold pieces as well as by using CSR Racing 2 Cheats. So, by all the things discussed above you can play the racing game and have more fun.