A deep Knowledge about souls in Dragon Ball Legends


The Google and Apple games stores are full fill from different category based games. In these, all category action is nowadays in trending. Under it different kinds of games are present but Dragon Ball Legends unique. It is a card action world where you can meet with different kinds of unique characters. This game is containing wit different kinds of individual tasks for obtaining lots of rewards. It is released with high definition graphics which will allow you to experience the real action world. Once you start to play the game after that, you do not leave it because of its impressive features.

What is Souls?

In the game it is play a potential role for performing different kinds of activities. It is called a type of boosters which can helpful to enchase your character stars. These are divided into different kinds of color like red blue, yellow and many more. For example- If you have Goku and you want to boost it defense power then you need these souls.  These all are very hard to obtain some you can make it possible via applying some methods. Here today we share all detail about those ways if you want to know then continue read the article.

  1. Play in Story Mode-

In the game lots of chapters are present, and each chapter has a unique story. In the story different kinds of small tasks are present. When you complete these tasks with then, you will get a massive amount of rewards. You can also earn it by repeating the chapters. It means when you r6eplay the episode with them also you will get free souls as rewards.

  1. Play in PVP mode-

Here lots of modes are present the PVP is also the best one. Here one player is able to play with other players. There are lots of exacting challenges are present. When you take part in these challenges and complete it with them, you will get lots of medals. These medals are helpful to purchase souls from the store. With the help of Dragon Ball Legends Cheats, you can also buy different kinds of things and excellent resources.